Sunday, May 24, 2009

Talking about money - just how taboo and to whom?

Been away for a while -- and I can appreciate how it changes one's perspective!

Someone recently said that Maryland's legislature must not think PG county can manage its way out of a paper bag. I think, the Legislature are not the ONLY ones.

It can be hard to open your process up to "outsiders," even when they're the very voters who elect you and who pay your salary. But it's an indicator of character, I think, that you do it, whether you have to force yourself to or not.

Not talking to the State General Assembly about Board of Education budgets and business decisions, is turning out to be pretty stupid looking. So now the citizens of PG county end up having spent money we don't have, and having nothing at all to show for it, and having an awful relationship between the BoE and the GA. And this, at a time when the County desperately needs friends in the GA and at the federal level. Do citizens need to dismiss the County government and work independently with Maryland and the feds to make citizen desires known and put them into effect? It sure seems like it.

How do we rehabilitate some of these very broken relationships? Or do they no longer matter?

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