Friday, July 29, 2011

Wexler Wildlife Foundation launched

There is at last a resource for Maryland's valiant wildlife rehabilitators.  Did you know that NO public funding has been available to folks who care for and train others to treat and rehabilitate hurt wild animals?  It's true.  The process to become certified to rehabilitate is pretty arduous -- I looked into it some time ago.  Now this Lusby foundation, the Wexler Wildlife Foundation (WWF), will be able to offer some support for wildlife rehab here.  It's a brand new foundation, and so most likely could REALLY use our support. 

The information I have is that this foundation, named after Dr. Ron Wexler who has been a crusader for helping wildlife, can be contacted -- or can receive tax-deductible gifts! -- at PO  Box 777, Lusby, MD 20657. 

Congratulations to those whose hard work and persistence made this a reality!

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