Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bus now departing for Greatness for Prince George's County!

This year's No Kill Conference, maybe the last for a while in the metro area, was inspiring.  It was busy.  It was challenging.  And it was sad not to see any of the "experts" of animal control in the County, there.  Then again, seeing that they had so MUCH killing goin' on, it isn't too much of a surprise.  The Conference included story after story about how pounds in all parts of the US and the globe have stopped killing dogs and cats for being "one too many" or "the wrong color" or "feral," and how they've welcomed their local community into the circle of protecting and helping one another.

That petition is worrying me, too.  It isn't that animal issues have to be number one with everyone.  I don't expect that.  But what I DO expect is responsiveness from elected officials.  And PG County has such a long, sad recent history of non-responsiveness.  I really wanted Hope and Change, even right here in my county government.  I believe that the Baker Administration has the appropriate vision for the County.  What I don't have as much confidence in, is the ability of this group to assess the situation and deal with old and new challenges.  Heck, if we can't even get some changes made in animal control, which is a relatively small part of County business, what will we be able to do about replicating food deserts? Or about tackling the affordable housing problem.  How in the world are we going to sustain the effort and focus for the success of the new Broadband initiative?

Jim Collins, in the iconic GOOD TO GREAT, posits that you have to Get the Right People on the Bus, get the Wrong People off of the Bus, and the Right People in the Right Seats.  That's what this petition is asking the County to do.  It's asking it be done in one small area, but that's how change, real change, starts.

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