Thursday, November 10, 2011

Grass fed beef in burgers in Bowie

This evening I grabbed a bite at a new restaurant chain.  Elevation Burger now has a Bowie location in the Vista Gardens Marketplace on Route 450 (near the Home Depot).  This location is so new, that it wasn't in my GPS database, and I wasn't sure about the hours, but they were doing a lively business around 8:30 at night.  There are a lot of people behind Elevation's counter.  The menu is short, as has become the norm for fast-food type chains today.  But it's a pretty good menu, if you crave burgers and fries and a shake. 

I had the cheeseburger, my companion tried a shake with his.  The store also sells a vegan burger and a veggie burger that has cheese in it, so I'm eager to try those, too.  I think the beef burger has a delicious, authentic taste.  The elevation sauce is tasty too, and whoever fixed my burger wasn't too heavy-handed with sauce.  I don't like a drippy burger! 

You can order at some Elevation Burger locations online -- I think this location is too new to have that working so far.  Elevation's menu does include a few sides, including fries cooked in olive oil, cookies, salads, fresh fruits, and ice cream and shakes with various fresh ingredients to add in.  You can stack beef patties about as high as anyone could possibly want their burger stacked.  (I'm definitely a single-patty diner!!)

Not only is the beef grass-fed at Elevation rather than corn-fed, but the stores are high in use of recycling and some apparently are buying carbon credits or green credits where such are available.  Grass fed beef is a lot better for you nutritionally, than corn-fed.  Also, Elevation reports that their beef is free range, which would mean better living conditions for the cows generally. 

The Bowie store is not spacious but there are tables to eat in at, and there is plenty of parking nearby.  A lot of people were getting their food take-out when I was in, but the servers were very friendly and they were calling out names and bringing food out to diners and patrons.  I know there is an Elevation Burger also in Hyattsville, so I encourage you to check it out and "eat green" when you can.

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