Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Could your pet be even healthier? Find out this summer

Local animal organization PGFF has announced that registration is open now for Holistic Health Care for Pets in June, in Lanham Maryland.  

If you're a pet owner, you may be impressed that other people's pets have better breath than yours.  Or that the coats and eyes of some dogs or cats are shiny and bright, while your pet has dull, or flaky coat, and runny eyes.

Do you wonder whether you are doing what your Veterinarian means for you to do?  Are there more things you could be doing with your Vet's cooperation,  that would heal an injury or illness more quickly?

Want to help tiny kittens in your neighborhood or from a rescue or shelter, but afraid you don't have the skills to know what to do?

All of these and more are topics you can learn about at the courses taught by Dr. Christina Chambreau and other professionals who teach so that you can absorb and enjoy learning the material.

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