Tuesday, September 2, 2014

School Days and campaign signs

Things are settling back into a routine now, with the young 'uns back in school, and Labor Day just past.  I was really surprised at how busy Wegman's was the other evening, well after I thought the cook-out shopping should have been over and done.  It didn't look like many people were buying steaks or hot dogs or burgers for those grills, either.  It made me wonder how sale shopping had been.  I remember years when my Mom and I haunted every one of the "big" sale days, traipsing from store to store, either in a mall, or, pre-shopping mall, from each individual building to the next.  I got new things for school, but seems like we did nothing like families are doing these days, virtually refurnishing the entire house AND closets!

What do you think the coming election will bring?  I have to admit to being un-enthused, since it seems we're well decided since our primary is the only real contest.  I am not so thrilled, either, with any of the promises of politicians sure to be running things, after the election proper.  We have seen little new and very little positive change from these (mostly) men and women, and I don't see any good reason why they would wake up, now.

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