Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Asian, Mexican Restaurants in business

Mi Hacienda just opened its doors about a week ago for business.

This seems to be a MEXICAN, rather than a typical TEX-MEX, menu. And thankfully, Mi Hacienda also joins competitor East Moon Asian Bistro (more on that in a sec) in the Highbridge Road shopping center, as an independent restaurant, locally-owned rather than part of a giant chain.

Service is speedy and thoughtful. There is a big selection of menu choices, including vegetarian options. The decor is casual, with a lot of references to horses and village scenes in murals. Lots of roomy booths line the walls, and there's a nice-looking bar too.

East Moon is a cool-looking eating place! But the food is up to the appearance here, too. The Thai curry dishes are my favorites, but I haven't eaten any dish here I didn't like a lot. Friendly staff, thoughful, accurate, unobtrusive service, and you may see quite a few of your friends eating locally at East Moon

It's really welcome to see some small businesses launching and thriving, in the local economy!

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