Thursday, February 12, 2009

Jack must always have taken the "Standard Deduction"

It is incomprehensible how stupid County Executive Johnson and his minions must think PG residents are!

Essentially, Jack says he has no idea what he has spent tax dollars on, but he needs a lot MORE NOW.

Now, if, as a regular taxpayer in Maryland, one of us were to tell the IRS and the Comptroller that we really don't know how we spent money last year, we would be in Audit land or worse. Yet the highest official in the county, the person who, you would think, stands accountable for whatever the county government does, it's beyond him where that money went.

Cutting "essential services" is EXACTLY what PG county (Jack Johnson) needs to do: cut the "essential" deputy directors of departments, who do nothing whatsoever. Cut the departments that exist solely to waste money and make life in PG worse for all of us.

Tonight there is a "public hearing" on Jacko's surely very carefully crafted and prudent budget proposal. Can you tell I'm totally disgusted with such a farce?

No wonder that PG county can't get good press. Why would any journalist worth anything want to swallow whole the ignorant statements of the Johnson gang? "We seeked solutions?" When government stiffs the press and the people and denies any public information access, it's not a surprise at all that those press and people just turn away.

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