Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Feeling too old

Times are still tough in PG county.  Friends and I see vacant homes with no prospects for buyers every five houses or so along the streets in our neighborhoods.  Business office buildings stand newly built and vacant too at a high rate, and county services and politics are doing nothing good to encourage companies to invest and locate their workforces here.  County homeowners still bear the biggest share of the tax burden, and there are just too few of us with too little wealth to sustain a high quality of life.
Just this week, reports have appeared that County Council members don't think bribery is against the law or unethical.  Washington Business Journal reported it in February but it's only now reaching the more local general news -- so maybe it really ISN'T that unusual or newsworthy as far as the media is concerned.  How is it supposed to make people feel when they've lost their homes and many have lost their paychecks, and the officials that they elected are playing the development process like a Monopoly game?

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