Saturday, June 19, 2010

A woman of a certain age, cleaning the cupboard

I've been entranced lately with the wide variety of fashion and beauty blogs and whatnot around the web.  Apparently my gender is absolutely taking to this medium, if mostly to share recipes (which was what first started me on this serendipitous wander), show new beauty aid discoveries and decide what new fashion trend to adopt.

Got me to thinking about the disorganization under the bathroom sink, that's existed, well, at least since my mother moved in and we began sharing the storage with her.  I think that I STILL have her denture accoutrements spares in those cabinets, and so I decided -- since my mother isn't living with us now -- I ought to assess what I have, organize it, toss old or outdated or left-behind mom's things, and "shop from my closets" as the phrase goes, more.

Turns out that for a bit of a tree-hugger I still have managed to accumulate a lot of nail polish, various makeup types, and sundry eye shadows and other tools of the beauty trade.  The trouble is that I'm not in as much of an experimental phase of my life though!  The cute bright colors and outrageous nails that may have been kooky in my girlhood, can look pretty awful on mature faces, hands and frames. 

On the other hand, I feel pretty levelheaded, when I look at the collections, these multiple shoe-box-sized crates full, of this stuff that some women collect.  Okay, yes.  I have collected too.  I have a hoard full of needlework and cross stitch charts and supplies that I thought I'd stitch in a tranquil life after fulltime slavery ... er .. work. 

And browsing over the many blogs and links out there, has encouraged me to tweak some of my beauty routine too.  Yup.  Some girls just never do grow up!

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