Monday, July 18, 2011

City of Bowie Animal Lover's Loss is Profound

Some time last week, neighbors of Robin Aubrey, of Bowie MD, saw cats belonging to Aubrey, wandering outside.  When authorities were called to the suburban home, they found Aubrey, already dead. 

I knew Robin, from time spent volunteering during the same period of time for a local group.  I also spoke with her on several occasions as she struggled with the initiative of a group she had helped form, when that group spun out of control and began lobbying to take the place of the County pound.  I didn't know Robin's home situation, though I suspected that she had a number of cats in her care.  Robin had been searching, in the last decade, for a way to find new, good homes for some of the cats.  She never found a way. 

I knew that Robin could be volatile.  I once had to "fire" her after she very publicly blasted some colleagues.  In hindsight, I think the outburst was Robin's frustration at needing, but not feeling safe enough to admit to needing, help caring for and finding adopters for some animals that she had come to adore.  Because PG county forbids fostering in private homes, there was no way I could see, either, to help Robin, even if I had known exactly what she was facing.

I'm appalled to say that from what I can tell, the cats that Robin spent hours and months caring for alone, desperate to give them the very best care she could, were cats that surely Robin would have wanted NEVER to see the PG pound or any other pound.   It is sad that the last act of the clawed ones should be so vindictive against animals, that to spite Robin, they would catch and kill even these poor cats.

If you want to help me remember Robin, there are two ways to do that:

RUN, don't walk, to the PG pound in Upper Marlboro, and adopt one of the cats from New Coach Lane in Bowie.  You will be most certainly gaining the most wonderful friend you could possibly imagine!

Donate to Prince Georges Feral Friends, SPCA  here and help us restore PG citizens' rights to foster animals, and to bring the pound policies in line with saving animal lives as Robin would have wanted.

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