Friday, July 15, 2011

SOME Spay/Neuter help for PG animals, NO transparency from DER or AMD

UPDATE:  The veterinary clinic space has ... finally ... been put into service, thanks to a private rescue organization, NO thanks to DER or AMD.  It still won't be providing much-needed spay/neuter surgery for pets of residents in foreclosure, coping with job loss, and without transportation for their pets.  But the rescue organization deserves enormous credit for perseverance and for the willingness to attempt to work with a government agency that has shown it is a poor partner.

Still no information on the contract answers.  AMD and DER carry on the tradition of the Jack Johnson Executive Branch by refusing to reveal facts to either the citizens OR the County Council.  We'd say that's insubordination and certainly disdainful of the partners they need in tough economic times. 

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