Saturday, July 9, 2011

Darkness before Dawn

Looks as if the Baker honeymoon, whatever there was of it, is coming to an end.  Not only has Rushern Baker's term as County Executive been enlivened by FBI investigations into the Johnson administration.  Now Baker's impatience is probably matched by many constituents' concerns, about when real change will come.  SO many posts and appointments are people from the Wayne Curry period -- who, let's be frank, are all now a bit ... old ... as well as part of the machine that people thought the Baker election rejected.

Just where is felon and Councilmember not-to-be Les Johnson now?  And where, pray tell, is her underwear -- after all, we could prop up the School Board's budget for paying legal judgments with some of the cash from old Leslie's bra.  (Seems the School Board has been underpaying some of its teachers -- never administrators, of course!! -- for a while, and now the courts have caught up with the Board.  Yeah, the news just never seems to be good anymore in PG).

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