Sunday, July 10, 2011

A tad peculiar ...

Well, Sam Wynkoop, once and future Director of the Prince George's County Department of Environmental Resources (DER) is still acting in his position, at least, for a few more days.  But wait!  What IS it about this particular Baker appointment?

The Wynkoop nomination was struck from the agenda for the County Council's standing Transportation, Housing and Environment Committee last time we looked.  And now, here is the full Council agenda for the Tuesday the 12th.  There, it says the appointment of Wynkoop as DER top man will be considered after a Council of the Whole session on the ELEVENTH.  But the Council's calendar for July 11 is already looking full, what with a District Council session and then a hearing on another matter.  And what do they mean when the Agenda reports that there will be a verbal report made, out of the Council of the Whole?

Why does this make a fan of transparency feel woozy?  Because it seems that at the very least, if Baker plans to install Wayne Curry people across the County government, the least the Council could do is allow citizens to listen in and follow the appointment process.  The way this is scheduled it's hard to tell what will happen when, whether Wynkoop's appointment will be considered in any public forum, or even when we'll get to know whether the man's been confirmed or not.

Looks to us as though the public hearing itself is set for the County Council regular meeting day, on Tuesday; but the appointment interview may be what the Council of the Whole will be doing on MONDAY morning.

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