Tuesday, July 12, 2011


In a day that I'm sure the Council did not anticipate would be quite as long as it was, the Prince George's County Council confirmed five new Department Directors while meeting across the County Administration Building today.  The Council hearing room on the second floor apparently had connectivity, and the flat-panel screens were functioning as were the microphones in that room.  I don't know whether the technology was back in service down in the Council meeting room, but I did notice that my cell phone couldn't tweet out.

Most of the crowd -- and there was quite a crowd -- seems to have been present for the Fire/EMS Chief appointment, though a few must have been Central Services Fans.  I couldn't particularly identify anyone else interested in DER, although Mr. Wynkoop's wife and two granddaughters attended.  Two gentlemen who both are associated with developers testified on Wynkoop's appointment.  Council Members voted based on the strength of County Exec Baker's faith in Wynkoop, and several Council Members voiced distress that plans and products they requested from DER had only been provided at the "eleventh hour."  They promised to see that Wynkoop makes really significant changes in that department.

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