Monday, July 11, 2011

Today in the "animal sheltering industry" is just like .... the 1990s.

Over at Cruel, Crazy, Beautiful World, Valerie recounts the long-ago and the not long-ago enough stories of shelter "leaders" who decided to add to the cruelty of their everyday by publicly doing what they do best - using a syringe of Fatal Plus to destroy a life.

I once heard it said that "when the only tool you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail."  I think that's what is going on in the animal "sheltering" field.  It's NOT that there are never hard choices to make, never days when the job makes you work hard.  It's the double-standard.  Shelter "leaders" like Sturla and now, Herring and Vesco-Mock want ordinary people like accountants, computer techs, and sanitation workers to treat pets like fine china.  In the meantime, these people who proudly describe themselves as in the "sheltering industry" set the bar SO low for their own work, that all they have to do is shave a spot, and inject, over and over.

Look at most ANY rescue organization, the places where there's a lot more passion and inspiration than money or resources.  It's in tiny rescue groups, or in individual rescuers' hands, that animals get the best chance at second chances. 

Impound industry leaders, there's nothing to be proud of about what you're doing.

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