Monday, August 1, 2011

PG County Pound to Residents: Killing is OK as long as Revenues rise!

As you can see from the latest monthly report detailed on this page, Animal Control saw a bit of a rise in revenues to the County General Fund -- they're making dough from our love of animals.  Yet we saw a record number of animals destroyed.  This is NOT okay with me.  I hope and trust it's as offensive to you, dear reader. 

Models and able people who can run them are literally EVERYWHERE now.  Look to Washington, DC, or Baltimore, MD or Austin, TX or Alexandria VA or ... heck, look in any direction and you find No Kill communities and you find places where the pound is no longer a kennel where animals are impounded.  It has become a shelter, where each animal is provided care and exposure so a new owner can find and adopt it. 

We have all of the components necessary here in Prince George's County, to become the next No Kill Community in the US.  But we lack the Compassionate Director.  It's time we change that.  Want to help even more?  Follow this recipe

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