Monday, August 1, 2011

Sweet James

This is the sweet cat named James who is waiting for a new home right now.

He doesn't look kittenish and he may not be the most striking-looking of cats, but although I have never met James, I can guarantee that he's a sweetie pie.  Like a lot of us, James has been through some tough times.  He also found himself at the PG Upper Marlboro pound, and that's no place to wind up!

When I first saw the first photo posted of James, I frankly thought that he was already dead, or close to it.  With a pose lying on his side, with all four legs lying straight out, it didn't look like the cat could be conscious.  Still, I was pretty sure that few volunteers or staff would be so cruel that they would kill him and then post his photo on several major internet pet search engine sites.

It turned out James had to be sedated when brought in, and the sedative had not entirely worn off before that first scary photo was taken.  The new photo is better, if not a glamour shot.

At ten years of age, James has seen a lot of life.  He may not want to race across the drapery rod or unfurl the entire roll of toilet paper (been there, got the kitten scratches!!).  But for someone with a quieter life in mind, someone who might not mind say, learning to do a quick fluid session for him now and then, James would be a terrific new best friend.

We say in the "rescue biz," that rescued animals seem to understand, to know that you have saved their life.  They are somehow obviously grateful for every precious minute of that life.  Are you James' life-saver?  Please say yes!

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