Thursday, March 8, 2012


Andromeda (above) has been abloom for days out in the garden.  I think Spring just might arrive soon.  It will be good to see neighbors out and about.  Even though it was an amazingly mild winter, we are all simply accustomed, I guess, to the shorter days and the coziness of being indoors. 

It is good to know people who still appreciate and seek out nature and natural things.  Some days in PG county it seems as though everyone wants to build themselves inside monstrous "luxury executive homes" now, and stay isolated.  Whether it is a fear of the outside world or a sense that it is somehow more sophisticated to be indoors, I don't know, but it is a sorry state.

I realize on nice days, how easy it is to lose that connection, and also, how much I miss when I stop paying attention to the rise and set of the Sun and Moon, to the weather each day, to the progress of plants in their cycles.  Touching the earth, it turns out, is actually important for our wellbeing.  I'm sure of this.  As sure as I am that those who do not venture outside their home, their garages, their cars, and their offices, die a little bit each day.

Get outside.  Look closely.  Notice change!

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