Sunday, March 11, 2012

Ready or not, here it comes (TimeLine)

Small businesses and community organizations on FaceBook have been hit with a new project and a deadline of the end of this month.  For animal welfare groups, this is one of the busier times of the year.  But TimeLines will appear on all FaceBook fan pages at the end of March.

I'm not a designer.  In fact, I have sometimes said that I have the worst sense of what looks good and what doesn't, at least, for print media and online graphics!  But I'm also an early adopter of social media.  Well, maybe I ought to say I am an earliER adopter, since I'm hardly among the first to hop on to MySpace or FaceBook or Twitter or Pinterest.  It's my curiousity, mostly, that urges me to try and then to tweak and finally to really embrace.

I have spent the past week, or my tag-end moments of time in that week, putting together some Cover Page ideas for FaceBook's new look.  I'm trying to avoid looking amateurish or crowded, to keep it simple, but to also make the Cover Page engaging.  I've seen some dynamite examples of nonprofit cover pages so far.  I hope mine will be half as good.

Beth Kanter has done a real service to the nonprofit community once again, with a recent blog post, here.

Is your organization using social media?  What are you doing to prepare for TimeLine's launch?  Does your organization have a Twitter strategy?  What about Pinterest?  What do your donors and volunteers think of social media? 

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