Monday, March 12, 2012

So long Main Street Brasserie! White Tiger roars in too

Somehow we've been out of the loop on local restaurants, it seems.  Drove up to the Main Street Catering and Brasserie location the other day, and found it was locked up tight.  Apparently according to this blog entry, the closing was way back in JANUARY.  It doesn't seem as though it's been that long since we were by for a couple of sandwiches, but, obviously, we missed that news.  Chalk up one FEWER restaurant choices around the area, that aren't national chain franchises. 

In the somewhat better news department, we noticed a White Tiger choice in, of all places, the Food Court at Bowie Towne Center!  This Capitol Hill Indian restaurant was a favorite of ours.  And now with the departure of Bombay Masala in Greenbelt, we desperately needed an option for Indian food.

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