Friday, March 30, 2012

Walking while decent and law-abiding

It's not customary here to comment much on crime or law enforcement issues, but the Sanford Florida killing of a young black man has infuriated me and disturbed me deeply.  I had not heard of the "Stand Your Ground" law groundswell and didn't know a lot about ALEC and the NRA's focus on regressing the nation to the days of the Old West or the Old South (or both).

Justice should not depend on whether your daddy is a retired Judge.  It should not depend on whether you have friends on the local police force.  Police should make arrests when there are suspects in a shooting.  Period.  And all of us should have enough decency not to resort to lying, in the face of absolutely clear evidence of absence of harm to ourselves.

The Zimmerman clan's defense and defensiveness get more and more absurd and more and more contemptuous every news cycle.  Maybe in the days of the Wild West or the Old South, you COULD get away with lying about phone calls being made because there were no such thing as phone call logs.  But to try to tell us today, that someone did not make a call, when there are phone logs that prove the call was made, is contemptuous and dishonest.  It discredits anything else that the claimant might assert.

Walking while black (or yellow, or red, or gay, or a dog-lover, for that matter!) should not be enough to absolve a murderer of guilt and responsibility.

Arrest George Zimmerman. Repeal "Stand Your Ground" across the country.  Defund the NRA and ALEC.

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