Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Back from the Future: No Kill Conference 2012

I'm just back from the No Kill Conference on a University campus in Washington DC over the weekend.  It's wonderful to have an annual big meet-up with tons of other people working to connect our love of animals with policies and programs involving those animals.  Social media is a great thing but there is still, something ineffable and crucial about making face-to-face contact.  There is nothing quite as easy as grabbing a beer with the media analyst and exploring what we read and what we hear.  It makes connections spark much more easily than the comparatively laborious exchange of emails.

It is sort of stunning when you realize how animal issues are administered down at the local and county levels, mostly, and yet, how very identical the approaches to animal issues have been when it is up to government agencies to define them.  How unimaginative people can be when they have no reason to question what they do or whether they could do better.  And then how elegant programs can be that save lives and improve communities, when people simply use common sense and a bit of human ingenuity and apply that to changing the status quo.

I'll be debriefing on some of the sessions at the Conference over the next few posts.  If you attended, let me know what you think would be interesting to blog about now!

Also, go and see what liveblogs YesBiscuit! collected, here.

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