Sunday, August 11, 2013

PG Desert, and Weekly Round-Up

Last week saw several notable events hereabouts.

First, a new blog was launched on the Upper Marlboro Patch.  The first post covers the recent NO KILL CONFERENCE and PG County's role there.  The annual event hosted people from across the globe, and took place near the end of July in Washington, DC.  If you missed the conference, be sure and read and subscribe to the new blog!

Also afoot is a court case, to litigate the confiscation of a beloved and necessary service dog for a person with disabilities who lives in PG County.  That story is both heartbreaking and infuriating.  And litigating against an entrenched bureaucracy in PG as you may know, ain't easy! Read about the journey here.

And finally, do we live in the desert?  You may be  a food desert-dweller, according to the USDA's new map.  Food deserts, where people have no, or limited, access to grocery stores with fresh, non-pre-processed food, exist in the County.

You can learn a lot more about it, from USDA.

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