Thursday, September 26, 2013

What's new around here?

With Yahoo changing its user interface for the forums on their site ("Groups"), I've noticed it is quiet on the news front again.  And yet, things are continuing to move forward.  I heard from a friend, that there was a major court decision against Prince George's County on civil rights as far as wrongful arrest -- but I haven't seen it covered in the media.  Have you?  If so, please post a link or share what you know!

A frequent blogger on education issues has thrown her hat in the ring for the D9 School Board job.  Cheers for that, because we need more voices that have not been co-opted by needing their political jobs to pay the bills.

The President is supposed to visit Largo to talk about the Affordable Care Act today!  Are you there?  Snap a photo, or leave me a comment!

What's new in your part of the world?

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