Thursday, August 21, 2014

Blurry Vision? Did Baker deliver on his Vision, Mission and Principles?

Sorry to have been absent for some time.  Things do move slowly in Pee Gee in spite of technology and all of our modern world's efficiencies.  And sometimes when you look back, you wonder whether you've actually gone back in time!

Does anyone remember the campaign promises of elections past?  Mr. Baker, the current County Executive, made such promises.  It's true, he can rest on his (whatever) laurels, he's not opposed by any official candidates in the November race. 

But take a look here, at what is advertised on our County website.  Our taxes pay for this to appear:

Does it strike you as though these remain principles that the County is true to, today?  Has the Baker Administration been results-oriented?  Has what the County does been true to the principle of sustainability?

Certainly the promise to get the best people in the right roles, hasn't happened in animal control.  We saw this Administration name an oldie (but goodie?) Sam Wynkoop to direct Environmental Resources.  Sam long ago held the same role and never did any innovation.  He continued that record, this time around.  He maintained all of the policies and staff that have launched zero new programs, at animal control.

Baker may be a strong campaigner.  He certainly can talk a good line.  Take a listen at what he said about what he'd do with animal control. 

Baker's plan to reform animal control in 2010

Yet outcomes for animals have changed practically not at all, between 2009 and today, in 2014.  Blurry?  I'd say so.

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