Wednesday, May 8, 2013

We've been down so long ...

It's high time to return to blogging on local issues.  If there ever was coverage of news here by the major news media (the Post, the Times, ClearChannel outlets, etc) there has not been any for a very long time.

That was clearly illustrated for me by the recent manipulations by the County Executive to take over the school board.  What, you didn't think there was any controversy about this?  Oh, that's because if you read the Post or the Times or listen to radio or TV, you only heard the party line.  The Baker gang did a fantastic job this time.  At least, they did a fantastic job of publicizing and campaigning for the Baker power grab.

Since many of the voters in the County work in Virginia or DC, and have lengthy and complex daily commutes, it's no wonder that they weren't avidly following the gyrations of the process of this legislation.  It really was sausage-making.

It is very difficult today for voters to engage with legislators.  I never see my elected reps.  I don't see them at the grocery store.  I don't see them in worship.  I don't see them participating in recreational events.  (Okay, I did spot one local legislator heading to a softball practice some time ago)  When I do see them, they are usually careful to AVOID being approached by people who might want to discuss local concerns.  Officials hold "town halls" that are orchestrated down to the tiniest detail, and then claim those events were effective because some number of callers were on the line.

It's sad and it can be discouraging for activists.  We keep lowering the bar on what we attempt to do. 

I'll be writing, soon, I promise, about the school board takeover in detail.  Please visit again!

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